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There remains just one short week to see or re-visit 'Toutes petites histoires/simple short stories' at the Museum of Fine Arts in Sherbrooke. Sponsored by MD Financial, the exhibition finishes on Sunday, March 25. Very much appreciated by visitors, the works of these two painters, France Jodoin and Kevin Sonmore, will remain in the memory of all those which have gazed upon them.

Works by France Jodoin and Kevin Sonmor, two artists from Cowansville, fall under the category of 'the new old Masters *', of contemporary figurative painters who reinterpret the works of the old Masters and who draw materials and inspiration from them. The dexterity of the painters, the mood and the style of the canvases easily charm large audiences. (* expression used by Donald Kuspit, a New York art critic.)

The canvases by France Jodoin leave one with the feeling that a large part of their meaning has been left up to interpretation. The artist has done this intentionally, leading the spectator to turn the work into an experiment. France Jodoin is a painter of moods; for this reason, her method is based on intuition. Her canvases are free from futile anecdotic details, only the hint of a path is suggested... Abstract becomes figurative, inertia becomes movement, air and water cohabit and palace turrets emerge from the fog.

"Much the same way, works by Kevin Sonmor also nourish ambiguities. With precision, he uses traditional bits of subjects: flowers, fruits, still-life and horses, combining these subjects into the contemporary; a spontaneous and fluent stroke of the brush, with a texture that is present and oozing, as well as powerful chromatics. Both artworks stop time, solidify the moment, tell stories, accounts, in a place where one senses a strange sadness, sharp emotions are expressed by a deep comprehension of painting within themselves, through the exploration of texture, somewhere between a certain reality and an obvious sense of theatrics," Sarah Boucher (MBAS) explains.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Sherbrooke receives financial support from the Ministry of Culture, Communications and the Feminine Condition and by la Ville de Sherbrooke, welcome visitors Tuesdays to Sundays, from 12 noon until 5 p.m.. The MBAS is located in the downtown area, at 241 Dufferin Street.

Cost of entry: $7.50/ adults; $6 / seniors; $5 / students; fixed prices for families are also available. Guided tours in French: Tuesdays until 2 p.m. Guided tours in English or group visits: at any time - upon reservation.

Information: 819-821-2115 or


Photo (courtesy): image of the 2 artists, on the evening of the 'vernissage', in front of one of Kevin Sonmor's paintings.

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