France Jodoin

Artist Statement

I work primarily in oil, but also sketch, and create prints in aquatint and sugar lift. As a painter, I don’t approach the canvas with a preconceived idea. If I do, the painting inevitably goes wrong. My painting is intuitive and instinctive. I seem to need ambiguity and contrast. I want a painting to be representative enough that a viewer can see a figure in a dress, a port city architecture or a boat on the water, but at the same time I’m not interested in trying to recreate a scene or a specific geographical location.

My works are chiefly concerned with time, with the very brevity of life itself. The fundamental impulse animating my creative process is to esteem time passing.

The works are not intended as historical depictions, rather they delve into history as a perspective to create mise-en-scène intended for the contemporary viewer to construct particular signs and stories from the layered marks, washes, wipes and drips on the canvass. The titles are chosen from lines of poetry from the past but not to create a literal relationship with the subject of the painting.